Can you take oil of oregano while pregnant?

Answer I hava no idea,but that site maybe could help you[Pregnancy and Birth]: you can search your problem by the search box under the top... Read More »

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Can you take anti-depressants such as Zoloft while pregnant and what if you took them before you found out you were pregnant?

AnswerYou need to read the leaflet to find out for definite or speak to your doctor. Taking medication which your not allowed to during pregnancy can cause birth defects or miscarriage.No it is NOT... Read More »

If you become pregnant while on birth control pills but are unaware that you are pregnant will continuing to take the pills harm the developing fetus in any way?

Answer Yes - you should do whatever you have to in order to find out for sure if you're pregnant, and stop immediately as soon you know are.

Can you take PeptoBismal while pregnant?

Answer Its not recommended because Pepto has aspirin in it which is a blood thinner, and dangerous for the unborn baby. You should try Tums or Maalox for heartburn instead.

Can you take soma while pregnant?

While there is no evidence of adverse effects of Soma (carisoprodol) in humans, there have been studies in animals that indicate some risk of adverse effects. Check with your doctor if you become p... Read More »