Can you take music off your 4 gb Sd card and directly put it on your android?

Answer Trying phoning apple if not try restoring it.

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Upload a video directly to youtube from my android phone?

apparently it helps put the screen protectors on, at least that's what I've heard

How to Download Music Directly from Your Psp Web Browser?

This is a very VERY easy Noob-Friendly article. Just follow the steps as they are and you'r good to go. Enjoy!

Can i drag music directly on to my mp3 with out downloading it?

If you're referring to iTunes, you can't drag and drop without purchasing. You might get the 30 second sound clip, but dragging and dropping just doesn't work. Believe me, I've tried

I had an update on my phone the Motorola bravo it then said SD card safe to remove When I tried to listen to music It said SD card busy When removed you cant listen to music?

HTC is not a phone. HTC is a company. The following phones have been known as 'iPhonek killers':Samsung Galaxy SHTC Desire HDGoogle Nexus SFor the main part, the above Android phones are more power... Read More »