Can you take laxatives while being pregnant?

Answer It isn't wise, but if you need relief, try prune juice, a fiber suppliment, or glycerin suppositories.

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What kind of laxatives can you take while pregnant?

May you take anything while being pregnant?

Alcohol Cigarettes and Pot always cause harm to both you and the baby, and while it can be argued that it is your business what self harm you cause in entertaining yourself, the same can not be rea... Read More »

Is subutex safe to take while being pregnant?

yes it is.Subutex is prescribed instead of suboxone ..I'm currently 5 months pregnant and taking 2 8mg. pills a day. Suboxone and Subutex are just alike except subutex lacks one ingredient that sub... Read More »

If a girl is already pregnant and has sex with another man while being prenant can she get pregnant again?

If there is another egg in the fallopian tube or about to be released, and it's out of reach of the sperm that fertilizes the first egg, yes. Fraternal twins have been known to have two different f... Read More »