Can you take handheld games on an airplane?

Answer Hand-held games are allowed aboard an aircraft. However, passengers can use them only before the boarding door is closed, at cruising altitude and once the boarding door has been opened. If games a... Read More »

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Can I take handheld games on an airplane?

Yes, you are allowed to take handheld games on an airplane. However, games must be turned off during takeoff and landing. In the event that your game is on a cell phone, then you must turn off the ... Read More »

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Handheld games have been entertaining people for years, but they were primarily for older kids and adults. However, preschoolers now have their share of handheld games, too. Some are educational an... Read More »

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The Connecticut Leather Company went from producing leather-working kits for kids to making handheld electronic devices in the late 70s and early 80s. Under the name Coleco, it took advantage of th... Read More »

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