Can you take flaxseed capsules, multi vitamin, and linwoods milled flax ...etc?

Answer You can buy why?It is a billion dollar business!Everyday Health, Consumer Reports,, CNN Health/herbal-supplements, for consumers protect yourself health fraud, Vogue Dec. 2010 and... Read More »

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When should I take my multi vitamin?

I have been told by my doc that you should take vitamins at bedtime. This is because your body can absorb it overnight. If you take it early in the day, the next time you go to the toilet, you pee ... Read More »

Can i take both, multi-vitamin and biotin for hairfall?

LOL. You have to love jungle jim and his crazy ideas. He brings a lot of humor into yahoo and we appreciate him for it.If you went on a diet that drastically changes the nutrients your body gets, i... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Flax Seed Vs Flaxseed Oil? describes flax as a blue-flowered plant that grows in Canada and northern United States. The plant can be consumed as seeds or in oil form. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil both may have ... Read More »

Flaxseed & Vitamin E Oil for Treating Dry Skin?

The skin acts as a barrier to prevent toxins from harming the inside of the body. It also is a filter through which toxins are removed from the body. Dry skin affects the skin's ability to perform ... Read More »