Can you take diphenhydramine when breastfeeding?

Answer According to safefetus dot com, (which uses Dr. Hale's guidelines for breastfeeding safety), it is not advised for breastfeeding because it is excreted into the milk and newborns are highly sensiti... Read More »

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Which is best for sleeping:diphenhydramine citrate OR diphenhydramine hydrochloride~what's the difference?

The best thing for sleeping is a gun. Sh*t will put you right to sleep in a second.

Can you take acetaminophen when breastfeeding?

My sister was recently pregnant, and our family doctor told her that acetaminophen is the only safe over the counter drug she could take. No advil, no alive... nothing except Tylenol.

Can you take Diphenhydramine HCl with Sleep MD?

Yep. The main ingredient in Sleep MD is melatonin. Taking melatonin in combination with diphenhydramine is completely safe as they have no negative interactions. You will just fall asleep quicker, ... Read More »

Breastfeeding moms....Why do you take it SO PERSONALLY when a mom decides to formula feed?

I have felt the same way sooo many times on this site! All I can say is "amen, sister!"I just think in general people could be kinder when answering parenting questions. Parenting is hard enough ... Read More »