Can you take dexedrine and ephedrine at the same time?

Answer They're chemically related. I would ask a pharmacist if I were you. I'm thinking it's okay, but I'm not certain, and I'm not an expert. The dexedrine should do a lot of what the ephedrine does. ... Read More »

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Who was the inventor of dexedrine?

Dexedrine is an amphetamine that is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance. It was invented by Romanian chemist Lazar Edeleanu in 1887. When it was created, Dexedrine was originally calle... Read More »

Who will prescribe me dexedrine aug 2012?

I'm afraid that with the greatest will in the world no NHS staff will preside this to you online because we could lose our jobs for that and be struck off the medical register so we could never wor... Read More »

Does Hydroxycut contain ephedrine?

According to the Hydroxycut website, Hydroxycut Advanced is currently the only formula produced by the company. While the previous formula contained ephedra, the current formula does not. The activ... Read More »

How much ephedrine is in original Metabolife?

The original composition of Metabolife had 12 mg of ephedrine. This fairly high dosage caused insomnia, rapid heartbeat, heart attack, stroke, seizure, nervousness and high blood pressure in some u... Read More »