Can you take cstrol oil 36.5 weeks?

Answer It depends on how many miles are driven. If its all short trips and minimal mileage it is probably fine, but much more than 150 miles per week that is pushing it.

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What would happen if you take castor oil and you are 34 weeks going on 35 weeks?

more than likely nothing it will just make you poop,because your body is not ready to have the baby yet,and you will cramp really bad don't try it

What if I Have unprotected sex often and periods are usually normal I'm 17 years old I'm two weeks late Tests all say negative I Waited the 2-3 weeks to take the tests What is going on?

Something to understand about many of the at-home hCG, or pregnancy tests, is that while it's extremely rare to get a false positive on a quality test performed correctly, it is possible for a fals... Read More »

Why only take ginseng for 2-3 weeks?

How many times are you going to ask this when you've already gotten good answers? You can switch to other adaptogens if you'd like to, but you would only NEED to cycle off when you're taking high d... Read More »

I'm 5 weeks pregnant can I take Vicodin?

No! The only type of pain reliever you can safely take at all while being pregnant, whether you're 5 weeks or 8 months or anywhere in-between is extra strength tylenol! You SHOULD NOT take vicodin.... Read More »