Can you take benadryl during your first trimester of pregnancy?

Answer I know during the second trimester it is okay to take benadryl, but you should always ask your doctor if you are unsure about taking any medications during pregnancy.

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Is it beneficial to take progesterone during the first trimester of pregnancy?

There are several drugs currently available that have the same base as the medication Nitrofuran or Nitrofurantoin. Brand names Furadantin, Macrobid, Macrodantin, Nitro Macro and Urantoin.They are ... Read More »

Is it safe to take co amoxiclav during first trimester of pregnancy?

There are some anxiety medications that can be taken while pregnant, but you should always discuss your options with your doctor.

How will taking steroids and alcohol affect your pregnancy during the first trimester?

Answer Yes!! Do not take steroids or alcohol at ALL DURING A PREGNANCY!!! Answer dont do drugsANOTHER ANSWERDRINKING alcohol during pregnancy can cause your child to be born with FETAL ALCOHOL SY... Read More »

How long is the first trimester during pregnancy?

Generally, the first trimester of a 40-week pregnancy lasts 13 weeks, with the second trimester beginning in week 14. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the first trimester is when wo... Read More »