Can you take bear spray on a private airplane?

Answer Bear spray is a hazardous material. Some private charter airlines are certified to carry it, but even certified carriers prefer not to. When bear spray is allowed on an airplane, it is generally pl... Read More »

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Can you take bear spray on an airplane?

The Transportation Security Administration does not allow bear spray to be transported on commercial airlines, as a carry-on or in checked luggage. It is considered a hazardous material, and most c... Read More »

Can you take bear spray on a float airplane?

Bear spray is banned from commercial airlines, and most charter airlines refuse to transport it as well. Float plane pilots, however, are more likely to transport bear spray, since it can be placed... Read More »

Can you carry Lysol spray in your suitcase on an airplane?

Lysol spray is not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) prohibits passengers from carrying aerosol cans on flights because they are flammable. Exce... Read More »

Do you use bear spray on a moose?

Bear spray, like personal pepper spray, contains Capsaicin. While it is labeled for use on bears, there are testimonials from hunters and hikers who have used the product on other animals, includin... Read More »