Can you take acai berry while pregnant?

Answer acai is fruit..can you not have fruit when you are pregnant?? I'm very confused.. If you take it as a fruit it should be ok. If you take it in form of capsules or pills, you should discuss it with ... Read More »

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Is it OK to take aspirin if you are on acai berry?

Can children take acai berry?

Since acai berry is an herbal product there are no side effects of it. It is 100% herbal and hence can be used by people belonging to any age group. According to the pure acai berry review it has b... Read More »

When to take acai berry?

Whatever it says on the bottle - every product is different!

Is hawthorne berry the same as acai berry?

The hawthorne berry is not the same as an acai berry. Hawthorne berries come from the hawthorne shrub, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. Acai berries come from the acai palm tree, whi... Read More »