Can you take a shaving razor in carry-on luggage?

Answer The TSA controls what items may be carried on in airplane luggage and which items must be checked. These types of shaving razors cannot be carried on: "razor blades not in a cartridge." If the blad... Read More »

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Can I carry on a razor and shaving cream?

According to the Transportation Security Administration, shaving razors are allowed to be carried onto planes, provided they are enclosed in a cartridge. Shaving cream, however, can only be carried... Read More »

Can I carry a razor& shaving cream on a plane?

According to TSA guidelines, shaving razors and shaving cream can be packed in carry-on luggage if they meet certain guidelines. "Razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors" can't... Read More »

Are you allowed to take food in carry-on luggage?

Transportation Security Administration regulations allow you to carry food on to airplanes. All food must go through the X-ray machine and must be wrapped or packaged, with the exception of unpeele... Read More »

Can I take my hair dryer in my carry-on luggage?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not prohibit hair dryers in carry-on luggage, as of June 2010. Check the TSA website before flying as the list is often updated; you can also c... Read More »