Can you take a quick survey by answering yes or no to the following question:?

Answer Yes.

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Quick and Fun Survey All About You!!!!!?

Name: BrittneyAge: 20, 21 in AprilHair Color: Dark Brunette Eye Color: BrownFave Candy: Sour Patch Kids and Snickers Fave Color: orange and pinkFave Food: Sushi Fave Movie: Rebel Without a Cause an... Read More »

Quick survey Agree or Disagree :) ?

1. Yahoo Adolescence is the best section here - We WERE...2. We're being watched as we speak - Agree3. Summer is better then winter - Agree4. Surveys are fun - Agree5. School is pointless - Agree6.... Read More »

Quick random survey :) For those who are bored.?

1. What is your favorite holiday? -Christmas2. Do you currently have a crush on somebody? If yes, who? -No3. Favorite song at the moment? -My hearts a stereo.4. What artist do you hate with all you... Read More »

Quick Survey: Who finds annoying?

They leave links there because so people know that the video is removed. Say like they remove the video. When you come back later around in lmy life, you'll say,"Hmmm... whaat was the video that us... Read More »