Can you take a hot shower while pregnant?

Answer Answer It is not a good idea to take hot showers, baths or sit in saunas or hot tubs throughout pregnancy. In the first trimester, the rise in body temperature can contribute to the formation of ne... Read More »

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If my gf and I took a shower together could she get pregnant I never inserted or ejaculated?

Answer It is very possible to get pregnant from one time of unsafe sex. It only takes one time to get pregnant. If you are late or are having light period, you need to take a test or go see a docto... Read More »

Please help. My nose bled in the shower and I'm 7 weeks pregnant?

Audra, sweetie, I used cocaine all through my last pregnancy and I was fine. The baby turned out alright too. All of those warnings about not using drugs or alcohol when you're pregnant are just bu... Read More »

How many months should a pregnant woman have a baby shower?

There's no set answer to this question. Usually friends and/or family produce the baby shower. So, whenever it's most convenient for them would be appropriate as a time.The caution would be to not ... Read More »

If you thought that TWO of your contacts were pregnant, would you throw them a joint baby shower?

I'd throw them a joint babby shower.The more the merrier!