Can you take a home pregnancy test before you miss your period?

Answer Yes, you can. I took a pregnancy test 4 days before my expected period, (in the middle of the day) its positive, took another test one hour later, its positive again. And I took another one the nex... Read More »

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Why would you miss your period have sore breasts and pee 24-7 but a doctor's pregnancy test be negative?

Answer How long has it been since you had sex? If it has been less than 21 days it is possible that you didn't have enough hormones built up in your system to show a positive. I would take anothe... Read More »

If you have nausea and saliva build-up and light headedness but two days after you miss your period a pregnancy test is negative could it be wrong?

Answer Yes,you can. I had a negative test when I was a week late with my son. When I still didn't start a week later I took another one. This time it was positive.

If your period came on time but you are having signs of pregnancy how long should you wait to take a home pregnancy test?

If you have your period, you shouldn't be pregnant. However, the pregnancy signs that you may be having could be signs of another problem. Or if you want to be pregnant, this can alter your way of ... Read More »

Can you having a menstrual period through your pregnancy throw a home pregnancy test to be negative?

Answer Hard telling really. I took 2 hpts before I started bleeding and they were positive. Then when I was bleeding I took 2 more and they were negative. Haven't gone to the doctor yet. So I'm not... Read More »