Can you take a digital camera underwater?

Answer You will need to purchase a special waterproof case for your camera to protect it, but yes you can take it underwater. Be warned, without a case, you will probably fry your camera.

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Can i use my digital camera to do underwater photography using ziploc bag as casing underwater?

You can definitely give it a try, but the risk is yours. You should get a proper underwater casing for your camera. If yours is a common brand or model, you should be able to get it easily from eba... Read More »

Looking for a good underwater digital camera?

The closest camera would be the Olympus Stylus SW 1030 which is good to 33 feet, has 10.1mp and costs $399.99 USD or the SW 770 which is 7.1mp, good to 33 feet and costs $349.99 USD.Happy diving!

Where can you purchase an underwater digital camera?

You can purchase underwater digital camera ins electronic stores, perhaps such as best buy. You may also purchase some in online stores, such as amazon.

How much would a digital underwater camera cost?

if you want high quality, and under water ability you are probably looking at $50-$150