Can you take a ClearBlue pregnancy test at 3 weeks and how accurate will it be?

Answer It should be quite accurate at 3 weeks

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How accurate is the ClearBlue pregnancy test?

For your first question yes Clear Blue pregnancy test is one of the best out there on the market, it is 99.9% accurate in lab testing. And yes it is possible to have your period while pregnant. O... Read More »

Will you get accurate home pregnancy test results two weeks after sex?

AnswerI was told by planned parenthood that accurate results can be obtained 11 days after.AnswerFor a lot of tests, they are not accurate until 3 weeks after sex

How soon is a pregnancy test accurate after delivery?

You have taken xanex twice in the last two weeks at 2 mg each time and just got a positive pregnancy test is it safe to continue with the pregnancy?

Answer Yes its safe to continue with the pregnancy hun. However stop taking Xanax and consult your doctor or some pregnancy tests and ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. Answer From the Physic... Read More »