Can you take 3d board from a new sony tv and put it into a older tv?

Answer No, that won't work.3D TVs require screens with very high refresh rates - most likely higher than what your TV's screen supports.Besides which, the board is integrated with the rest of the TV, so u... Read More »

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How to find sony manufaturer to get sony plasmas digital board?

I think you should contact the nearest service center their should be able to buy that board from factory.

How can i create a usb port on my older sony receiver?

Why do you think it's even possible to do that?

Does anyone know where I can get replacemnet batteries for an older (15 years) Sony 8mm camcorder?

What Does the Sony DEC-42 Board Do?

There is no DEC-42 computer board or product produced by Sony. There is a DCR-SR42 device that is a part of Sony's Handycam Camcorder line. The DCR-SR42 is a compact camcorder that has a built-in... Read More »