Can you switch from a 3gs to a 4g iPhone if your 2 year contract is still active?

Answer Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing

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Can you switch from active army with 5 yr extended contract to the coast guard reserve?

You'll have to complete your contract before you do anything. When you get within your reenlistment window, you'll be sent to the Retention NCO.. if they don't convince you to reenlist, you'll stil... Read More »

What if your iPhone 3GS is on a 2 year contract with O2 but you wish to sell it after 3 months on eBay therefore can a buyer who also is on a O2 pay monthly contract pop their sim card in and use the?

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Should I break my iPhone contract and switch carriers?

You can break the contract with AT&T, you'll siply have to pay the exit fee. The person who says it will affect your credit rating is smoking rope. Your phone will not howver work on Sprint's net... Read More »

Can you switch to the new iPhone 3g s even if your contract is not up on the old iPhone?

Yes, depending on the network you are signed up to. You need upgrade status to get the new iPhone, again, that also depends on the network you are signed up to.