Can you switch a power Mac PC processor with an Intel processor?

Answer Switching the processor out on your PC can often improve performance if you are replacing it with a faster processor. A processor depends on its compatibility with the motherboard, the main chip in... Read More »

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Can I switch a Power Mac PC processor with an Intel processor?

Switching from a PowerPC processor to an Intel processor is a frequent question asked to computer technicians on a regular basis due to many operating systems no longer operating on the PowerPC pro... Read More »

Can I switch a PowerMac PC processor with an Intel processor?

It is not possible to switch the IBM PowerPC processor in an Apple Power Mac with an Intel CPU. The two processors have entirely different architectures and use different-size CPU sockets. It is al... Read More »

Power supply is cranky while booting and which processor to upgrade?

Your low end CPU will be a bottleneck, I would upgrade it if I was you, you may struggle to find one for your current mainboard though, looking on ebay for a used one, or replaceing your mainboard ... Read More »

What's the best graphics card for my XPS 420,425w power supply,Processor, Q6600, 2.4, 8MB, Core Duo Kentsfield?

If that's a Dell 425W psu, it's probably a bit underrated. But psus do lose some capacity as they age.Assuming your psu is still going strong, I'd recommend a GeForce GTX 550Ti- it's the best card... Read More »