Can you swim with no sanitary protection on your period?

Answer Hey :) Ignore the jerks saying "Ew THAT'S GROSS." They don't even answer your question. Okay well I have the same problem and I am going to the amusement park with my cousin and there is a waterpar... Read More »

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What did women wear for sanitary protection in Henry the eighth's time?

Women in the time of King Henry VIII did not wear anything to control menstrual bleeding. Menstrual fluid was allowed to flow freely. It is possible that long skirts were worn to hide this blood ... Read More »

How to Swim when You Are on Your Period?

A female marine biologist can't just sit out a research week because it's her "time of the month". So what can a woman do?It's a perfect beach day, and you discover that you start your period today... Read More »

Can you swim when your on your period?

you guys are wrongWater stops your period temporarily so no it's not un hygenic. She can swim with a tampon in too

How to Swim While on Your Period Without a Tampon?

Well I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, but this is how to swim on your period without a tampon. I'm a swimmer so I had to use this trick for a while. It isn't perfect, but does work fai... Read More »