Can you survive hanging yourself?

Answer It is possible. most of the time when a person hangs themselves,their neck either snaps causing the spinal cord to break in which you die instantly or their neck doesn't snap but they have no way o... Read More »

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How to Use Hanging Folders?

Hanging folders are used for a variety of reasons. They improve organization and help save space in any filing cabinet. It's a good idea to use them when you are trying to keep files safe and organ... Read More »

If I want hanging tomatoes?

Hi Grammie, Yes you can plant them without help of a kit..Make a wood frame with 4 long pieces of wood across the frame..This way the hanging tomatoes can grow up and down on the frame you made..It... Read More »

How to Get out of a Car That's Hanging over a Cliff?

In almost all serious auto accidents, your best chance of survival is if you manage to stay inside the protective cage of the car. But if your car goes over a cliff, you don't want to be in it. If ... Read More »

The Best Hanging Houseplants?

Hanging house plants are ideal for those with restricted floor or tabletop space. To hang a plant, a strong hook attached to a stud or support beam is required. Hanging plants are an easy way to br... Read More »