Can you sue the defendant for court fees in small claims?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Sue For Court CostsWhen you make your initial claim for judgment or other action in court, you can include court costs in your initial court filing. This will include the costs... Read More »

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Who pays court costs in small claims court?

When a small claim is initiated, the fees are normally paid for by the plaintiff (the person making the claim). If the plaintiff wins the case the cost is recoverable; if he loses, then he will los... Read More »

How to Win in Small Claims Court?

Taking your case to small claims court may be your best option in receiving restitution. Before filing your small claim, make every effort to settle the dispute outside of court. A good practice to... Read More »

What is small claims court?

Small claims court is used to claim small amounts of money or personal property the person believes was unfairly seized by another party. Called the "fast food" of the legal system by the American ... Read More »

Requirements for Small Claims Court?

Small claims court resolves disputes over money, breach of contract or property damage cases that involve a relatively modest amount of money. In most cases, you represent yourself. Most small clai... Read More »