Can you sue the Department of Homeland Security?

Answer Answer No. At least I certainly hope not.Federal agencies can be sued depending upon the circumstances involved.Homeland Security is a combination of federal law enforcement and investigation agen... Read More »

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What does ranking member and former chairman of homeland security and governmental affairs committee which has jurisdiction over department of homeland security and is senates chief mean?

a. An inheret resposibility of everyevel onnment. b. Primarily coducted by federal agencies with homeland security missions.c. Required in order to receive assistance under the Stafford Act.d. Focu... Read More »

Has the internal revenue service been transferred from the department of the treasury of the department of homeland security?

It was formed because of 911. it was made to in crease security efforts. The attacks on September 11 --------------Apex

How many years passed between the creation of the Veterans Affairs Department and the Department of Homeland Security?

Is the department of homeland security the largest oldest most expensive or newest department?