Can you sue for a city bus hitting a car?

Answer Anyone can sue any one they want. But bear in mind that these days if you sue and lose you can be held responsible for the other parties legal fees. It's best to file a loss notice with the bus co... Read More »

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Whats the stupidest reason someone has given for hitting you or nearly hitting you?

guy changed lanes on me & clipped me on the side.. he was in a turn right only lane.. I was going straight through the intersection traveling in the same direction.. & what he said.." I know its... Read More »

Car Insurance question: Hitting a deer is 'collision' .. hitting a tree is 'other than collision'?

You can't be held at fault for an animal hitting your car, thus it is comprehensive or "other than collision". Unless the tree is growing legs and walking in your path, you are going to be at fau... Read More »

Is hitting a child abuse?

Yes, hitting a child is certainly child abuse and should be reported to the authorities if you see it happen, or even suspect it. If you have done this, or have thoughts of doing it, you should see... Read More »

How to Stop A Guy That’s Hitting On You?

We all know the type – you’ve told him you’re not interested but he’s just not giving up. He keeps insisting you go for a drink ‘just as friends’. Yeah, because thatâ... Read More »