Can you sue a downstairs condo renter for interfering with your quiet enjoyment of your rented condo upstairs?

Answer Review your lease, to verify that you have a right to quiet enjoyment. If it is there or is implied, then your landlord has the responsibility to deliver such quiet enjoyment to you.A simple course... Read More »

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What do I do when I have no HO insurance for my condo and my condo association and builders claim that my fridge caused substantial water damage in the unit directly below mine not sold and not rented?

You are responsible for any damage caused to someone else's property, why did they let you move in the condo without proper insurance is beyond me, whether the unit below you is rented or not is of... Read More »

Can an owner use their condo's amenities if the condo is being rented?

Your question sounds like you might be okay with a little 'double-dipping' -- or not. But let's look at what's possible. You're asking about assets of the association owned by you in common with a... Read More »

Can a condo assoc allow only 1 condo to be rented and not allow any other to be rented?

The condo association has to adhere to the by-laws. If the by-laws agree to rentals, and condo can be rented. If there is no rental provision, then not even 1 condo can be rented. It's all-or-nothi... Read More »

If bought a condo but the developer continues to significantly rent units is there an out for a condo owner Is the developer responsible for a certain buyer vs renter percentage?

Read your governing documents to determine what the developer is 'allowed' to do during the 'declarant control period'. As well, determine the status of the project, so that you know what ratios ar... Read More »