Can you substitute strawberry syrup for fresh strawberrys in a recipe?

Answer There would be a few problems:1. Liquid - a syrup has more liquid than a puree of fresh fruit2. Sugar - syrup already has sweetener in it - probably corn syrup3. Taste - Other nasty things in the s... Read More »

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What flavor ice cream is made when mixing chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup?

While there is no specific ice-cream flavor created by mixing chocolate and strawberry syrup, the most popular ice-cream dish involving these two syrups is the banana split. When mixing the two syr... Read More »

Can i substitute pancake syrup for maple syrup?

It seems to me that pancake syrup has a maple flavor in it so it should be ok. If you were to use just plain corn syrup that would work too, it would just give your ribs a sweetness but no distinct... Read More »

Fresh sliced strawberries in cake or a fresh strawberry glaze filling?

Once you put the fondant on the cake, it is no longer strawberry shortcake. It is just a layer cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries. I would just go with a fresh berry and whipped crea... Read More »

How to Make Strawberry Syrup?

Strawberries are plentiful during the summer months and are a treat to eat and use. Here we will be using some to create a wonderful topping for just about anything, From pancakes to waffles, from ... Read More »