Can you substitute old-fashioned oatmeal for quick-cooking oatmeal?

Answer You can substitute old-fashioned oatmeal (also called rolled oatmeal and oat flakes) for the quicker-cooking oatmeal. Old-fashioned oatmeal, however, may take longer to cook. But it's also more nut... Read More »

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How to Cook Steel Cut (Old Fashioned) Oatmeal?

Nothing beats a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal for a cold morning breakfast. Steel cut oats require a bit more cooking time but the flavor and texture of the oatmeal is a gourmet treat.

Can you substitute wheat germ for oatmeal in cookies?

Wheat germ is used as an additive in oatmeal cookies and not a substitution for the oatmeal itself. Wheat germ contains essential B vitamins, folic acid, zinc and many other healthful ingredients.R... Read More »

Is there a difference between quick oats and old-fashioned oats, healthwise?

Not much that I can see:…Scroll down in the drop down menu to find Quick Oats.

Difference in Quaker's Quick Oats and Old-fashioned Oats?

Oats provide plenty of nutritional benefits in a convenient, whole grain package. Oatmeal consists of oats cooked in some form of liquid until they soften. Eating oatmeal for breakfast or lunch kee... Read More »