Can you substitute canola oil for shortening?

Answer On One Hand: Canola Oil Is a Type of ShorteningTechnically, canola oil is a form of shortening. According to, shortening is "Any fat, liquid or solid, used in pastry, dough, or batter... Read More »

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Recipe for tortillas using canola oil instead of vegetable shortening?

My recipe is 2 (plus more for kneading) cups flour,1/4 cup oil (I use canola), and 2/3 cup warm water. I blend the flour and oil in the food processor until it forms crumbles, and then with the ma... Read More »

Can you substitute shortening for vegetable oil?

Shortening is a firm, airy fat product. You can use it in place of vegetable oil if you melt it thoroughly, as explained by an ingredient substitutions list posted on the University of Nebraska Ext... Read More »

What can you substitute vegetable shortening with?

Vegetable shortening can be substituted with either butter or margarine. Use either 1 cup of butter or 1 cup of margarine for each cup of shortening. Subtract ½ tsp. of salt from the recipe.Source... Read More »

Can I substitute canola oil for Crisco oil?

On One Hand: Equal IngredientsCrisco oil is technically canola oil, unless the Crisco you're planning to use is solid shortening. Because Crisco is made of 100 percent pure canola oil, substituting... Read More »