Can you substitute brown sugar for regular sugar?

Answer On One Hand: Brown Sugar has a Thicker DensityBrown sugar tends to clump together and can become dense. When cooking with brown sugar, it should not be used for light and fluffy recipes, such as an... Read More »

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Can I Substitute Dark Brown Sugar for Light Brown Sugar?

On One Hand: Same IngredientsAccording to the Taste of Home test kitchen, both light and dark brown sugar are mixtures of granulated sugar and molasses. The only difference is that dark brown sugar... Read More »

How to Substitute Powdered Sugar for Regular Sugar?

You've started the recipe and you reach into the pantry only to discover that you are out of granulated sugar. All that remains on the pantry shelf is a bag of powdered sugar. In most recipes, you ... Read More »

Can i substitute regular sugar for powdered sugar?

On One Hand: Different PropertiesRegular sugar and powdered sugar are very different substances. Powdered sugar is regular sugar that has been industrially processed until it is extremely fine. Sma... Read More »

Can you substitute brown sugar for white sugar?

On One Hand: Brown Sugar Can Be SubstitutedBrown sugar can be substituted for granulated white sugar in most recipes. Use one cup of tightly packed brown sugar for every cup of granulated white sug... Read More »