Can you strain your neck while doing a trunk lift?

Answer Im not 100% sure what a trunk lift is but im going to assume its back extensions. The answer is yes you can, if you hyper extend your neck the spiney processes of the fragil cervical spine can touc... Read More »

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I hurt my neck while doing acrobatics?

As long as there is just light pain, it should improve. Chances are it is a neck muscle strain. The cracking is just gas popping out of the joint from going beyond the normal range of motion. You c... Read More »

Does doing neck stretches or exercises break your neck 10 Points!!! Please Answer.?

There is nothing you can do under your own power with active stretching to break your own neck. If you were to stretch any part of your body in any range of motion and you went too far you would c... Read More »

How to Lift Your Face & Neck With Tape?

Age takes its toll on skin. It's starts to slacken and thus you are more vulnerable to wrinkles. Gravity pulls the skin downward and skin starts to sag. This can have a major impact on your self-es... Read More »

How to Lift an Object Properly to Avoid Strain?

Avoid Back StrainLifting heavy objects is a part of many people's jobs. Even if it is not part of your job, you must pay attention to the way you lift things so that you do not get hurt. These simp... Read More »