Can you straighten your teeth by pushing on them?

Answer I used to wonder this too when I was a little girl! But no, you cannot push your teeth into a position that you want them to be in because the amount of force and time that you would have to do thi... Read More »

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Is removal of the wisdom teeth neccesary if they are not pushing against other teath or causing crowding?

I'm a dentist.Wisdom teeth do not cause crowding. That is a common misconception.They can, however, push against your second molars and cause resorption of the roots.There are many reasons for whi... Read More »

Straighten teeth?

The only way to straighten your teeth yourself is with a hammer. And that will be very painful. I suggest that you get braces or invisa-line.

How can I straighten my teeth!!!!!!?

There are only two ways to straighten your teeth.... First is to get braces and since u can't u will have to get those retainer movers. It's where you wear a retainer and eventually switch trainers... Read More »

Will the retainer straighten my teeth?

If you have gaps -- I'd go back. That's not a good sign. And a retainer helps your teeth stay straight after the removal of braces.