Can you store whole programs on a flash drive?

Answer You can store entire programs on a flash drive, as long your flash drive has enough space available. Flash drives use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, which connects them directly to your compute... Read More »

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Can i store songs on a flash drive?

Can a usb flash drive be used to store pictures?

A USB flash drive is a versatile memory storage device that can store many types of files, including image files of photographs, drawings, videos or other graphic formats. A gigabyte of USB flash d... Read More »

Can you store everything on your computer on one USB flash drive?

the only way would be if you found a flash drive that held more than 500 gigs, which i don't think exist, or if your computer is from the 90's and only has a few gigs of could fit it all... Read More »

Can you transfer programs from one computer to another with a USB flash drive?

No. You must re-install the programs. Files can indeed be transferred via USB flash drive, CD, DVD, or floppy disk (that is if you even have those around still). If you're worried because you lo... Read More »