Can you store unlimited memory on an Xbox 360 Core?

Answer No. The Xbox 360 Core system is the lowest-end system in the Xbox 360 line and it does not come with a hard drive or any storage device. The core system only comes with a controller and AV cables, ... Read More »

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Does an Xbox 360 memory card store downloaded maps?

The Xbox 360 memory unit can store downloaded map packs, gamer profiles, game saves and other content. The memory unit can only store up to 512 MB of data, however, and many downloaded maps are lar... Read More »

Can I play Xbox games on Xbox 360 without a memory card?

To play original Xbox games on the Xbox 360, a system update must be downloaded from the Internet. To save this update, the 360 system must be equipped with a hard drive, but a memory card is not r... Read More »

How much memory can a xbox 360 memory card hold?

The Microsoft XBox 360 game console currently has a memory card that stores 512MB of data. There is also a 256MB and 64MB memory card available. You can use the memory cards to store small games an... Read More »

Can you use a USB memory stick as a memory unit on an XBox 360?

You can save your Xbox 360 games and demos on a USB memory stick. Microsoft released a firmware update for the console in 2010 enabling support for USB memory sticks. The Xbox 360 uses a maximum of... Read More »