Can you store sperm and still use it?

Answer no

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How Long Can You Store Sperm at a Sperm Bank?

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Is it still possible to be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates inside and afteryou have sex you go and pee are you peeing out the sperm or could you still be pregnant?

AnswerYes, you could still be pregnant. urinating after words has no effect on getting all the sperm out. If this happened recently and you think you may be pregnant but it has not been more than 7... Read More »

How long can you store sperm?

Sperm is best stored in test tubes via a gradual freezing process using liquid nitrogen vapor. While each individual’s sperm may react differently to this process, sperm can store indefinitely, a... Read More »

Can you store your own sperm?

Im going to start off by saying, I really hope you mean at a sperm bank/etc. And yes,but have a proper facility do it. It happens all the time, especially for people who sell their sperm, want a s... Read More »