Can you store liquid in FoodSaver canisters?

Answer You can store liquid---in liquid form (refrigerator) or frozen (freezer)---in FoodSaver brand containers used with FoodSaver vacuum sealing appliances. Also store other foodstuffs such as cereal, c... Read More »

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Can you store liquids in FoodSaver canisters?

The FoodSaver system can be used to store many types of foods. Liquids can be stored in the canisters as well as dry foods. The airtight lid will keep the contents in the canister from spilling.Ref... Read More »

Can you store liquid in a FoodSaver canister?

Yes. FoodSaver canisters can store liquids and dry goods. The canisters work with the FoodSaver vacuum-sealing system to keep items fresh. They are safe for use in the pantry or refrigerator.Refere... Read More »

How do I store potatoes in foodsaver bags?

Store Potatoes in Foodsaver BagsUse a potato or carrot peeler to remove peels from each potato. Wash with cold water in the sink, and pat dry with a clean dish towel. With a sharp knife, cut each p... Read More »

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Sweet and fruity Greek olives come in several varieties, with differing colors, sizes, flavors and applications. The black, oblong kalamata is one of the most common Greek olives in the U.S., thoug... Read More »