Can you store food in the fridge in metal pots?

Answer Food that is stored in metal cooking pots in the refrigerator is at risk of becoming contaminated with bacteria. Plastic containers ensure that food is kept fresh and free of contaminants. Place fo... Read More »

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Is it OK to store food in metal pots overnight?

For best results, do not store food in metal containers, including aluminum, stainless steel and cast-iron containers. Storing foods in metal containers can allow small amounts of metal to leach in... Read More »

Can you store food in a nonstick pan in the fridge?

If you are renting a home that came with a fridge and the fridge goes out and spoils 200 dollars worth of food who is responsible for replacing the food?

AnswerThe landlord if he/she were informed of the problem and did not repair or replace the refrigerator in a timely manner. Unless there is a clause in your rental agreement/lease that states othe... Read More »

How to Clean Metal Coffee Pots?

Metal coffee pots are ideal for keeping your coffee hot for a longer period of time. Just like a glass coffee pot, it is necessary to clean metal coffee pots regularly. The deposits left from brewi... Read More »