Can you store a Kombucha tea culture in the fridge?

Answer Yes, you can store Kombucha tea culture in the refrigerator. Bottling and storing it in the fridge will actually slow down the fermentation process and ensure that the tea will keep from turning an... Read More »

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Do you store Pumpkin pie in the fridge?

How do you store duck meat in fridge?

How long can you store cooked veg in fridge?

A refrigerator is a way to store foods that are to be eaten in a few days. Cooked foods that are in the refrigerator should be eaten within 5 days. Any longer than that they should be thrown in the... Read More »

Should I store red wine in the fridge?

Sure you can store it in the fridge. It will not hurt a thing. It will just evolve more slowly. Just bring it to cool room temp when you serve it..