Can you stop pregnancy after 4 month?

Answer No it has already grew too much if you killed it you would have body parts floating around in your body!

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Could a yeast infection a month and a half after unprotected sex be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not necessarily. Both, pregnant and non pregnant women can have yeast infections. To be sure, you should probably just take the test.

How can you stop a pregnancy after 6 weeks?

AnswerThe only thing you can do is abortion and the limit is usually before week 20-24.

Can you stop a pregnancy after two weeks?

Yes, it's legal up top week 20 or 24 in the US.

Is it normal to start gaining weight and looking a little pudgy after only 1 month of pregnancy?

No. Chances are, you are eating a little more. Giving in to cravings occasionally is okay, but in moderation.You may be experiencing bowel distention (digestion slows so more nutrients are extracte... Read More »