Can you stimulate your period before the expected date?

Answer AnswerYes in fact you can stimulate your period before you are expecting it to be due. To be graphic you can actually bring yourself to orgasm a day or two before your estimated period and that wil... Read More »

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How to Find Out Your Expected Graduation Date?

In the 2010-2011 school year, the National Center for Education Statistics estimates that more than three million students will graduate high school in the United States. It also estimates that an... Read More »

If your breasts are not sensitive at all before your period is expected and normally they are could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Does it mean your not pregnant if you think you are but you happen to get your period 4 days earlier then expected?

Answer Each person is different. The developing egg could still be in the tubes to the ovaries when your period hits, which means that you still have a chance to become pregnant. It is better to t... Read More »

If you are spotting a few days before your expected period is this a sign that you can be pregnant?

Answer spotting is bright red blood lasting less than 2 hours and soaking one pad