Can you still use your fax with a dry loop?

Answer Dry loop refers to DSL Internet provided over your existing phone line without any actual telephone service. Some providers sell DSL without a phone package to reduce costs. However, a fax machine ... Read More »

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If you were a Jumbo Jet pilot on your last day at work, would you do a loop the loop for a laugh?

hahahahahaha That just made me laugh proper have a star!!!And yes id probably consider it then think of the prison sentence i'd get!!!

How to Do a "Loop the Loop" Trick with a Power Kite?

Here's how to impress people with your power kiting skills.

If you're still married but separated on your own terms and living with a relative can you still receive child support?

Answer You may have child support payments enforced by the court if you file with the courts that you are legally separated. The child support can be deducted just like child support ordered by a d... Read More »

What can you do if you live with your uncle and want to move back in with your mom and she still has custody of you?

Answer The minor may leave the relative's home and return to the residence of the mother whenever she so chooses. This however would not apply if the uncle has temporary or permanent legal guardian... Read More »