Can you still use rabbit ears?

Answer On One Hand: Antennas Needed for Over-the-Air TVYou can still use rabbit-ear antennas, and will need to if you want to receive free, over-the-air television. Most cable and satellite services inclu... Read More »

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I stretched my ears 2 days ago to a 2g but one of my ears still hurts?

Learn to type.No one cares or has sympathy if you're inflicting this upon yourself.Take them out or man up.

Can you lift a rabbit up by the ears?

Rabbits should never be picked up by their ears, as this could cause serious injury. Lift a rabbit carefully with both hands, one beneath its chest and one under its bottom, leaving room for its le... Read More »

Do any rabbit ears work?

On One Hand: Cheap and EffectveRabbit ears, also known as dipole antenna, are a cheap and usually effective way to get channels on your home television. Antennas can cost between $100 and $200. Th... Read More »

Can you pick up a rabbit by its ears?

You must never pick up a rabbit by its ears. The ears are very sensitive and, even besides being very painful for the animal, such handling could cause serious and often irreparable injuries. Rathe... Read More »