Can you still use internet for free on iPhone 3GS on prepaid?

Answer At&t,

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Can i use a separate phone contract with free internet sim in a new iPhone 3GS and still use the iPhone on its internet for free?

depending on what plan you go on could be between 30 and 70 pounds

How to Get Internet on a Prepaid iPhone?

Internet is always active on an iPhone you use with a contract AT&T or Verizon account, your only two options for using a device you purchase directly from the carrier and don't re-program afterwar... Read More »

Can you put an iPhone on prepaid was think of buying a iPhone 3G and i want to know if i could unlock it and put it on prepaid or something like that i live Canada and i have fido?

No, you do not. The only time you would have to is if you are using an internet service like BTOpenzone or The Cloud.Hope I Helped =]

If i buy a prepaid card will I be able to get internet on my iphone?

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