Can you still type on a keyboard if one of your key is missing?

Answer put something over the key, or if you still have the key, you just stick in on there really will click in! if you dont have it...make shift something...fold up a piece of paper or use ca... Read More »

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Does your keyboard make an É when you try to type a question mark?

Way to answer your own question! You go girl/guy!

When i type with my keyboard, whenever i type a "c" it doubles and so it wil say, for example: ccool answer?

try seeing if it gets stuck when you press it. and if that doesn't make it go back to normal than press the letter c down and see what happens.

How do you configure your keyboard to type custom characters rather than what's labeled on them?

There are a number of keyboard layout editors.For a free one from Microsoft that many think to be good enough, see… .For others, some of which cost and so... Read More »

Can you touch type type without looking at keyboard?

i used to be able to, but now my fingers are like all retarded and hitting all the wrong keys. haha