Can you still play Blu-Ray DVD's in a regular DVD player?

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Can a regular DVD player play 3D DVDs?

Studio is a good brand of glass tv stands. They are durable and offer the lowest prices. Icon is another reliable tv stand that is affordable. There are others but these are the best.

Can you play regular DVDs in a Blu-Ray DVD player?

A blu-ray player will play your regular DVDs and even upconvert them to near hd quality for you. Make sure you get a a Profile 1.1 or 2.0 player though or you won't be able to use the cool picture... Read More »

Can regular dvds play on 3d blu ray player?

As for DVD ISO movies, you can use the Apple DVD player to playback. But Apple inc still make their computer not support the Blu-rays. So you need other tools to help you play Blu-ray ISO on Mac. A... Read More »

Can a regular DVD player play HD DVDs?

The people who are replying "yes" are WRONG! I'm thumbsing-down those people right now.HD-DVDs will NOT play on regular DVD players. Period. Full stop. End discussion.HD-DVD players, on the o... Read More »