Can you still have a kid if you've had testicular cancer?

Answer Testicular cancer is a cancer of the testicles or the testes. Men have two testes located in the scrotum, two sacs located just behind the penis. Testicular cancer is treatable, and the majority of... Read More »

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I'm 14 and think I might have testicular cancer!?

Woah one bigger than other one? One thing you can do to make sure is...Get a pregnancy test. Pee on it. If it appears 2 lines that means your pregnant but youre a man... So if 2 appears that means ... Read More »

Testicular cancer at 15?

I'm no doctor but I would go to one asap just to be sure


I think i might have testicular cancer?

GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR.. NOW!Or at least, as soon as is possible. Any lumps on your balls are serious. Don't be embarassed, it may save your life.