Can you still have a baby naturally after having two c-sections?

Answer This depends on how you have healed and how the pregnancy progresses. The doctor will make a decision based on the individual.

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You have had 3 c-sections could this stop you from having a baby?

How big where your babies? My mother had 3 c-sections but we were all huge and it was danergous for her to have another baby. However it shouldn't stop you conciving but I would really look at the ... Read More »

How do you have a baby naturally?

A "natural birth"refers to a vaginal birth with no drugs of any kind.Lamaze breathing and other forms of concentration and diversion are used to calm the mother and aleviate pain.

How do you deliver a baby naturally?

Naturally means vaginally and no drugs.

How do you clean baby toys naturally?

Opinion only:Vinegar and baking soda will clean baby toys naturally. To clean teethers and toys (including wooden toys), use a simple blend of 1 part water and 1 part distilled white vinegar. Put t... Read More »