How to Tan When It Is Cloudy?

Answer If you're determined to get that bronzed tan, a cloudy day doesn't have to ruin your plans. In fact, 87 percent of the sun's rays penetrate clouds, fog or mist, according to the Georgia Emergency M... Read More »

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DIY For Cloudy Headlights?

After a few years of use, the headlights of your car may become cloudy, dimming their brightness. While it is possible to replace the plastic headlight covers with glass ones that will not become c... Read More »

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day?

What Does It Mean When Your Pool Is Cloudy?

There are numerous reasons pool water becomes cloudy, ranging from lack of maintenance, environmental causes, mechanical problems and improper pool use. Preventive measures are available that will ... Read More »

How to Fix a Cloudy Monitor?

A cloudy computer monitor can distort everything you view on your computer, making videos and pictures less enjoyable and documents harder to read. Fixing a cloudy monitor requires that you open th... Read More »