Can you still get a good tan with sunscreen on?

Answer Um no? You may be able to get a little darker, but no, especially if you use a real strong sunscreen, you can't get a nice, deep tan. Just a limitless color, but that's really it.

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Can you still get a tan with sunscreen on?

Yes, you can. It just takes a little longer. Use a tanning oil with spf in it to make yourself tan faster. The oil attracts the sun to your body, tanning it while protecting yoour skin from the har... Read More »

How come I use a lot of sunscreen and I still get very tan?

It's just your skin type. Be thankful that you're keeping your skin safe and yet still getting brown. :o)Also, some sunscreens require you to wait a certain amount of time before you get wet.. so r... Read More »

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You will probably need a power supply that is a common problem with Ilo's actually Made by Fugai Walmart brand. Try that , But you are prolly better off purchasing a new tv.

What is different between regular sunscreen and sport sunscreen?

Some of the ingredients for sure, so you're reacting allergic to it. It might be that there is some stuff inside to prevent sweating so much when making sports and this causes your reaction.Why not... Read More »