Can you still find new Compaq desktops with Windows XP?

Answer Yes, absolutely. As of February 2010, some models of new Compaq desktop computers are still available for purchase with the Windows XP operating system installed. An example of a model that you ca... Read More »

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How to Identify HP Compaq Desktops?

Compaq lists their brand name on the front of their computers, either as the old "Compaq" logo or the updated "C" logo. Identifying a Compaq desktop is as simple as locating one of the many sticker... Read More »

Do all Compaq desktops have 2 CD ROM drives& come with RecordNow?

No Compaq desktop computers include two optical drives by default. A second optical drive is an optional feature that must be configured when the computer is purchased. All Compaq computers do not ... Read More »

How to Restore Compaq Windows XP?

Many problems with Compaq computers can be solved relatively easily, but there are some problems that cannot be fixed without restoring the computer to its original factory condition. For instance,... Read More »

How to Burn a DVD With an HP Compaq 6820S & Windows XP?

Using a computer to burn DVDs is an inexpensive way to transfer data and preserve media. Transferring media to a DVD also allows you to free up hard drive space, which can be taken up in mass quant... Read More »